Calvary Chapel Birmingham will provide accountability for all of my support funds. The donations will pass through their bank account to be reviewed by their finance team & later dispensed to me while I’m on the field. Their online “Now Donate” page makes giving quite easy, but in the process, it is important that you distinguish the donation is for my support so that the church finance team knows how to deal with the funds. Please follow the steps above if you would like to give (thank you!!)

1. Press the button below to go to the giving page.
2. Select currency you are giving in (probably USD or GBP). type in amount, and select donation type (“one-off” is a one-time donation).
3. Under the prompt “Would you like to add a message?”, select “Yes”.
4. Write “Alissa Wagner” in the text box.
5. Continue filling in your details.


If you’re based in the US and plan to write off your donation against your taxes, you will need to send your donation via Calvary Chapel Woodland, who will then pass it on to Calvary Chapel Birmingham in the UK. Donations made via Calvary Chapel Woodland can be done by cash, cheque or online. If you don’t plan on writing off your donation against your taxes then please use the link above.

Thank you so much for your support! If you’d like to receive newsletters while I’m on the field please get in contact. Likewise, if you have any issues or questions about donating then please let me know.